Belfast Breeze Inn


About Us

We lie by the beachside that engulfs us in the blues of delight to provide the tourists with an epitome of luxury to reside in. The abode that has been anchored on the hearts of millions has been offering services for more than a decade now.


Step closer and delve deeper to have a bigger picture of what our world of wonders has in store for you. Share a true Vegas experience.

Lodging Rooms

Avail of our services to have a memorable stay at our comfy rooms by the waters. Drench in elation as you take a tour through our property.

Wedding Parties

Start a new life with your partner at our halls of joy as we organize the best after-parties and reception for newly-wedded couples.

Food &Bar

Try out the best delicacies and drinks from our eclectic range of options to satiate your appetite and heart’s desire.


Think of anything you want in our premises, and wish for it. We have it a gymnasium, swimming pool and party hall all to your comfort, and there is more you want to explore.

  • Cooking Classes
  • Special Events
  •  Free Amenities
  • Easy Check In
  • Reasonable Prices


Check out the most interesting activities we are organizing at our place exclusively for you. Come in with expectations and fly back with memories beyond your expectations.



What our customers says about us!

“ An experience that cannot be bound to a few words. It was divinity exemplified. ”

Ronald K. Castro

“ I got to taste one of the best delicacies from a cuisine, and I can go back for that alone. ”

Brandon A. Jones


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