Wedding is a beautiful and memorable day in everyone’s lives that the couple will want to cherish throughout their lives. However, behind the beautiful day goes a lot of chaos, arrangements, thoughts and considerations. One crucial thing among that is the wedding venue. Once you decide the date for your big day, the next essential you ought to concentrate on is the wedding venue. Depending on the cultures, locations and the season, there are a lot of them available (sometimes unavailable) in the market. Here are some standard amenities, you have to consider before you choose a venue for your big day:


Some might prefer a simple, elegant wedding with minimal guests, whereas others like the Indians celebrate it like a festival. Hence depending on your preferences, choose the venue according to the number of guests you’re expecting.

Weather conditions

Although it sounds a little underrated, weather plays an important role. If you want to have a destination wedding, in a sunny or an open area in the monsoon, then it’ll be a disaster not only for you but also for your family. Hence, choose a location that will not entertain rain or intense heat.


Before going hunting for places, have a rough figure in mind and stick to it, so that you do not end up spending a fortune for one day.



Even though the location is lavish and stunning, it should be easily accessible to the guests. If they’re not able to access it, then half of them won’t turn up and it’s a bummer!

Wedding Planners

If you want to take the burden off your shoulders on your big day, then it is a wise decision to hire a wedding planner who will look after everything from A to z.

Customer service

If you don’t wish to hire a wedding planner, then make sure someone from the venue either a customer server or a waiter/waitress is willing to stick by you through the day in case you require help.


These apply when two events are being shared at the same venue with the same parking or washrooms. If you need privacy for the guests and yourself, then do not sign up for a shared venue.


Some venues offer decorations for the big day, which is inclusive in their bill. However, if you want something extra, they charge you for it. Hence, be mindful about how much money you’re willing to spend on these decorations and the venue.


Some venues, especially the ones in residential areas, do not allow loud music after a specific time and are associated with many more restrictions. Make sure to check their policy before finalizing.

Indoors v/s Outdoors

Sometimes they’re inclusive. However, some venues have an option of either an indoor ceremony or out-door. Choose accordingly.

Terms and conditions

Read their terms and conditions in case of destruction or vandalism of items in the ambience.

IS this what you want?

Lastly, before finalizing the venue after considering the points mentioned above, take a moment to figure if this fits in your dream wedding locations!