Dog Friendly

We welcome your dog ….  Please read…..

  1. Dog walking areas are the front and rear parking lots. Please pick up after your pet! Please do not allow your dog on the front lawn or the yards of our neighbors.
  2. Reward your pet with a bone when they are a good guest! Bones are included in the bag.
  3.  Please use the plastic pet mat included in this bag for under the water and food bowls. Please leave it in the bathroom sink when you check out.
  4. We’ve provided a water bowl just in case you didn’t bring one. Please leave it in the bathroom sink when you check out.
  5.  Please cover the bedspread or chair or sofa with the pet-blanket included in the bag to protect from dirty paws or shedding. We know pets want to snuggle up! Please leave the pet-blanket with the towels/laundry when you check out.
  6.  Poop bags have been included too. Please place used bags in the disposal stations on the property - next to the shed or by the parking areas. If you need more bags, please stop by the office.
  7. We have an outside water hose at the front of the main inn by the ramp should you need to wash your dog’s paws. We have placed a “doggy towel” in the bag. Please leave the paw towel with your bathroom towels when you check out.
  8.  Please do not leave your dog in your car or room unattended when you go off-site.
  9. We have several Vets in the area. One is directly across the street from our property, another is south at Little River in Northport and Blake Vet & Canine Inn (south on Rt. 1 about 12 miles - across from Point Lookout main entrance) has doggie daycare if you need to leave your dog for extended time-frames. It is excellent and just $20/day.
  10. The Loyal Biscuit Company offers free use of their dog-wash at: 1 Belmont Ave. Rt. 3, Reny's Plaza, Belfast - 930-8100

Feel free to take the dog-paw shopping bag home with you!

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Belfast, ME 04915 |Emergency: call 207-323-1837