Gallery Readings & FAQ

Reservations required. Please call 505-5231
Please let us know if you desire private readings on the days when Psychic-Mediums are scheduled with us.

Dinner Parties, Girls Night Out, Family Group, Gallery Readings for Private Group, and other programs can be scheduled and customized to meet your needs. We work with a wide-range of talented/gifted and professional practitioners to be sure your experience is authentic and positive.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions below the calendar.                

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gallery Reading?
A gallery reading is a public reading where the medium will bring messages from spirit to the attendees. Each person will receive between 10-20 min. depending on how many relatives/friends “come forward” to the medium. Snacks/beverages are included and participants can order from our wine/beer menu.

What is the difference between a medium and a psychic? A medium brings forward messages from the spirit world while a psychic focuses on the present and future. Many practitioners have both gifts but some only have one of the two gifts.

Can children attend? Yes, when accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Why am I asked for my credit card to pay in advance? Just like buying a ticket to the theater or a concert, you have purchased your seat and it belongs to you when you get to the event. Should you need to cancel your ticket will not be refunded but you may give it to a friend or family member to attend in your place. Since many of the mediums/psychics travel great distances to provide services, they must be paid their fees so it is worthwhile for them to come.

Will they tell me things that are negative?
No, professional mediums/psychics focus on the positive and unless you have specifically asked for clarification of an illness or other negative issue, they will give you positive focus and information. Now that is not to say that your spirits coming forward will not share information that could be able a difficult time in your life, a medium in public would not invade your privacy in front of others present. Also, most mediums are not “medical mediums”. A medical medium has special abilities with regards to health and medical conditions.

What is Table Tipping? Table Tipping is when a medium channels energy from spirit to answer questions through a table. The table will move or tip to answer or respond to the questions posed of spirit.

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