Native American Flute Healing

Midcoast Maine Holistic Health Event Center - 2018

Event Venue:
Belfast Breeze Inn, 192 Northport Ave., Belfast, ME 04915    
Call: 207-505-5231

Practitioners and service providers scheduled are professionals certified/trained/experienced in their respective fields. A biography for each provider is included on our Facebook and Brown Paper Tickets event descriptions.

Wachian Welch
shaman - psychic-medium - healer – spiritualist minister

Wachian Welch has been working in the holistic field for over sixteen years as a Psychic Medium, Shamanic and Reiki II Practitioner, healer, Spiritual teacher, intuitive Native American Flutist and ordained Spiritualist minister.  In addition to psychic mediumship readings Shamanic healing Wachian offers Messages from the Flutes, an intuitive flute song played with the Native American Flutes, a unique and one of a kind experience that touches the heart and soul providing deep healing. Wachian plays his flutes intuitively, an ability he did not learn by instruction but one that was gifted to him by Spirit. His messages from loved ones, animals in Spirit and nature spirits provide much needed clarity, and understanding and transformation.

Sound Healing for Holistic Health Practitioners
Using Native American Flutes and flute music, Wachian Welch will demonstrate how sound can enhance healing modalities like reiki (helping the recipient to relax and be more receptive). Participants will select from the flute music CD and practice healing with the guidance of the instructor. Reserve your space:
3/24 or 9/15 10a-noon

Healing through Sound: Native American Flute Healing 
Wachian offers a wonderful group healing session with the soul touching sounds of the Native American Flute.  Intuitively working with Spirit and white light he will play for each person a song, notes, and different flutes for healing, relaxation, and transformation.  Not only will you get your own personal Healing Session with the Native American Flute but you will also share in this beautiful healing session as you hear the flute played for others.  Maybe you will even share the same experience as others, you never know!

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6/3 or 10/28 1-3p

Holistic Approach to Shamanism in Your Daily Life
Join us June 8-9th for programs on Shamanism, workshops to make Native American rattles, drums, sessions on various aspects of Shamanism, readings and healings, drum circle and more!
Venue: Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro, 2372 Atlantic Hwy., Lincolnville Tickets at:
6/8-9 1.5-days Fri 6-9p & Sat 9a-9p

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