Travelling is fun and games until you have to bunk the night and do not want to spend a fortune. Staying the night is one of the only costly expense of travellings. For many, it is not about the expense. It is the experience that matters. But let’s face it, it’s just one night to sleep, and you do not want to be spending a fortune on it. Hence, cheaper accommodations can do your work and also keep from burning holes in your pockets. You can use this money elsewhere. That said, certain factors affect the rate of accommodation, like:

  • Travel Budget
  • Travel destination
  • Comfort levels
  • Number of companions

On that note, let’s see the best ways to find cheaper accommodations when you’re travelling:


There is no point if the accommodation is miles away from local transport or destinations. You do not want to pay extra for transportation itself. Hence, find a place that is nearer to public transport access.


Off-season offers

It’s a jackpot if you’re visiting a destination in the off-season. Some hotels even offer a complimentary night stay if you stay for a day. Make use of such offers and be well prepared.

Stay on Sundays

Usually, Friday and Saturday night accommodation bookings are for leisure travellers and weekdays from Monday to Friday are for business travellers. Sunday nights are the best where the prices are considerably lower than any other days.

Travel in the shoulder-season

Off-season travelling is the best choice if you’re saving those pennies. Although you might not witness the best destination moments, you can still have fun whilst saving money.

Stay at apartments or suits.

If you’re travelling with more people, then staying in apartments or suites with a kitchen is the cheapest option, if you’re planning to stay for more than a night. Most apartments have a kitchen, which you can make use of to cook your meals, thus saving the cost. Another significant advantage of staying in apartments is that you can split the cost among different people, which will ease your expenditure.


Although they’re not a great option if you’re travelling to the US, due to diminishing quality and quantity of the establishments, it is still safe in other countries like the UK and Australia. Hostlers are like cheap hotels and a much less expensive version of them. They’re also located close to public transports or airports. Hence, they’re a boon if you’re solo travelling.

Stay Outskirts


If you have some time on your plate and do not mind the short commute to places, then you can stay in the outskirts of the city. Although the travelling time is increased, it is a beautiful experience with a beautiful view and rooms and hotels at reasonable prices.

Dining options

Most hotels offer a complimentary meal, either breakfast or dinner. Some even offer free meals as a gesture of kindness. Look for such places that will also save money on your meals.