Candle Manifestation to Meet Your Goals

Midcoast Maine Holistic Health Event Center - 2018

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Belfast Breeze Inn, 192 Northport Ave., Belfast, ME 04915    
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Candle Manifestation to Meet Your Goals 

It is not just a cliché - 

what you think about, 

you really do bring about.


Angie Butler Welch

Candle Manifestation is a powerful way to work with the element of fire to help you reach your desired goals and light the path so your wishes and dreams may become a reality.

In this interactive class we will discuss how to clearly direct your energetic thoughts and how adding in the element of fire is an effective way to manifest things in your life. Participants will learn about various candle colors and what to use them for, how to prepare your candle for manifesting and when the best times are in which to burn your specific candles.

We will each create 2 different manifestation candles depending on the kind of change you want to create.  Abundance, attracting love into your life, overcoming obstacles, and conquering fear are just a few desires you can manifest.


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6/17 1-3p or 9/16 1-3p

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