Assisted Stretching for Caregivers

Midcoast Maine Holistic Health Event Center - 2018

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Assisted Stretching for 

PCA's & Caregivers with Hilery Hutchinson

Sat-Sun, July 7 - 8 Register: 

8a-5p 2-day Workshop includes lunch daily

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This course prepares PCA's and caregivers to do assisted stretching and PNF stretching on their patients. Most patients that require a caregiver are stuck sitting in a chair or lying in bed most of the day. This causes even more body pain and imbalances from muscles becoming tighter and actually pulling on the joints. Assisted stretching sessions can provide pain relief, stress relief, and act as a

preventative measure to future problems. This workshop will prepare you to work on a wide range of body types and medical conditions. There is a strong focus on how to use your body in a way to make stretching them out quite effortless and we will go over positions that can be done sitting in a chair and lying in bed or on the floor. 

Hilery Hutchinson  is an extremely qualified instructor with over 30 certifications ranging from high intensity interval training to yoga for cardiac rehab and cancer patients. Her rare blend of knowledge and inspirational ability allow her to push people beyond what they think they are capable of. She has worked for the NBA and privately with NFL players helping them with their flexibility work, off-season training and nutrition. She developed exercise and yoga programs for cancer patients and did scientific research in this area for clinical trials at the Cancer Therapy & Research Institute. Hilery is also a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and has assisted in teaching new therapists internationally. She spent over a year in the Bahamas training at an ashram to do her third 200-hour yoga teacher training, in addition to learning energy medicine, guided relaxation, meditation & breathing techniques to bring a balance into her high intensity training. She believes in integrating all her certifications to create well-rounded programs to help her clients find balance in fitness and in life. Hilery is a truly unique instructor, at once calm, friendly, and determined. It’s clear she expects as much of you as she does of herself and she is able to convey that in a way that makes you not want to fail her. 

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