Heal Your Heart from Relationship Damage

Midcoast Maine Holistic Health Event Center - 2018

Event Venue:
Belfast Breeze Inn, 192 Northport Ave., Belfast, ME 04915    
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Heal Your Heart from

Relationship Damage


Kelly Dawn Purington
psychic-medium – spiritual life coach - healer

 Dates: 4/7 and 7/14 10a-4p 

  • Are you struggling in a relationship of any kind - romantic, business, or family?

  • Does it leave you feeling down with low self-esteem and a high level of dissatisfaction, anger or feel betrayed?

  • Have you been in one bad relationship after another, seemingly repeating the same old patterns over and over again?

  • Are you separated or divorced and wondering if you'll ever be able to have a loving, passionate relationship again?

  • Is your family dysfunctional and creating havoc for everyone?

  • Have you suffered from an abusive relationship causing physical or emotional pain?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, give yourself the gift of a Spiritual Life Coach. Form a relationship with someone who will support your recovery and help you meet your goals.


This life-altering and dynamic program will provide you with:

A. an opportunity to use the pain of broken relationships as fuel to create the life you've always wanted

B. the ability to heal the wounds of the past so you don't bring old baggage into new relationships, and

C. an opportunity to rediscover yourself and ensure you get your needs fulfilled.

Make your reservation today! https://healyourheart.bpt.me/

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