Clearing your Home of Spirits from the Past

Midcoast Maine Holistic Health Event Center - 2018

Event Venue:
Belfast Breeze Inn, 192 Northport Ave., Belfast, ME 04915    
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Clearing your Home of Spirits 

Barbara 2

from the Past

5/31 6-9p at the Belfast Breeze Inn

9/20 6-9p at Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro

with Barbara & Stephen Williams

There are primarily three types
of Hauntings:
The first is Intelligent haunting, they may appear visually and can be responsive to external conditions. These are what we may refer to as "ghosts". They seem to frequent certain sites and can at times be photographed as orbs or distortions in photographs. We can get voices and at times communicate with them via ghost box or on tape.

The second type seems to replay a scene or incident or may be vocal as well. These are referred to as "residual" hauntings, more like a time warp. They are not aware of any present day observers.

The third type is very rare and often debated, it is inhuman or demonic. These may never have been human at all. I feel that these could be mostly inter-dimensional beings. Their main goal is to break down the human spirit or free will. Usually these have to be invited in, many times by accident or experimenting with ceremonies without proper protection.

So you have to ask yourself. Are you haunted? Are you sharing your house with a ghost? 

About Barbara and Stephen Williams

Dr. Barbara Williams is well known as a professional psychic medium, healer, and medical intuitive who resides in Maine. She has dedicated over 44years in the healing and holistic health field incorporating a wide array of healing modalities. Barbara teaches psychic development and enjoys helping people open up to their psychic abilities. She organizes several different spiritual, paranormal, and psychic development classes throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and California. Barbara Williams is an active participant in paranormal investigations and has her Ph.D. in metaphysics. There are many opportunities for learning, teaching, and helping others in the paranormal field.

Stephen Williams has been involved with the paranormal world for 19 years as well as his own experiences prior to that. Working with a few teams have given him a solid background for producing evidence. He uses his background as a contractor to debunk info as not being paranormal. That is helpful in teamwork to explain if the information is paranormal possible. 

Private Psychic-Medium Readings

15 min, 30 min, or 60 min can be scheduled on 5/18 from 2-6p

Let Dr. Williams share incredible messages from spirit to guide you in your daily life. Meaningful thoughts from loved ones in spirit bring healing and balance to our lives. Work with Barbara to reveal your path to the future.

Book your readings for May here:

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