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Midcoast Maine Holistic Health Event Center - 2018

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Belfast Breeze Inn, 192 Northport Ave., Belfast, ME 04915     
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Osteomancy: Intuitive

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Bone Reading

4/22 or 7/22 10-11:30a

with Tracy Arietti 

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In this Workshop we will learn the basics of Osteomancy, the history and development of the craft, connecting with your ancestors, building your Bone Set, symbolism and reading of Bones, and caring for your Bones.

What to bring: Bring any Bones you have (including special stones or crystals, shells, and trinkets or curios you’ve collected). Be sure that they are small enough to fit into your hands. Also bring a notebook and writing implement for taking notes on your bones. If you have actual animal Bones, please be sure that they were humanely harvested, or the method won’t work.

What’s Osteomancy?

Osteomancy, or Bone Reading/Bone Casting is one of the oldest forms of psychic reading, having been used since prehistoric times. Evidence of the reading of "slaughter bones” (usually the shoulder bones of large animals that were killed for food) shows that simple yes/no questions have been asked of the bones for centuries.

As societies became more sophisticated, more complex forms of bone readings were developed, eventually leading to the methods used today. The evolution went roughly from the use of slaughter bones, to tortoise and turtle shells, to sheep knuckle bones, to opossum and chicken bones, to the broader definition of "bones" used today. This includes not only literal bones but also stones and crystals, nuts and seeds, shells, and trinkets, charms and curios; to help the psychic reader to be as specific, direct and detailed as possible with the message of guidance. Interestingly, dominoes, dice and other "cast" items were (and still are) often used for divination. There are four categories of bones that Tracy uses - Animal Bones, Invertebrate "Bones" (shells), Earth "Bones" (minerals and crystals) and Charms ("Memory Bones").

About Tracy Arietti

Tracy is an attorney and mediator who left the world of conflict to follow her dream to create and connect. She spends her days writing, creating art and enjoying the beautiful views afforded by her lakeside home - and sharing psychic readings to help others.

Tracy has been touching the "other side" since she was a child, and has always felt at home in places where others fear to tread. "I know that there are spirits around me, around you, around everyone, because I feel them - and sometimes see and hear them as well!" Tracy began doing psychic readings because they (spirit) often want to share information with those they love. According to Tracy, "I want to share my experiences, and those messages, with you." 

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