Wedding Fees, Costs, & Onsite use

Weddings On-site:

Should you desire to have your wedding on our property, the following costs will be associated with the use of the property… 

  1. There will be no “rental fee” for the use of the lawn, parking lots, garage, house, bistro for weddings where the entire lodging property has been booked (all Inn and Lodge rooms for a 2-night stay). For those not fully booking the lodging property, a $1,000.00 use fee will be charged.

  2. For events where there will be rental tents and other equipment brought to the site by an outside vendor, a coordination/management fee of $500 will be charged. In this instance, Belfast Breeze Inn will assist in coordinating with the rental company (such as tent rental) and staff on-site will work with rental staff to assure effective placement of the tent (or other items rented). Overtime charge of $30 per hour/per staff member.

  3. A set-up/tear-down fee will be charged when using tables, chairs and other equipment owned by Belfast Breeze Inn for an on-site ceremony or reception/party. This fee will be based on the number of tables/chairs/equipment selected and/or needed. The rate will be $20.00 per hour/per staff member(s) needed to accomplish the tasks. An evening/weekend “overtime” charge will be assessed should staff be required outside of normal working hours.

  4. Catering – when Belfast Breeze Inn provides catering services, there will be no additional catering services fee assessed. Cost of catering will include planning, food purchase/preparation/serving and clean-up. When outside caterers are brought into our facility to use our kitchen for reception service/party, there will be a $100 cleaning/sanitation fee for each kitchen used (we have 1 commercial and 2 residential). Utensils, dishes, pots, serving plates that are the property of Belfast Breeze Inn may be used by an outside caterer at no cost. However, should they need to be replaced, it will be done on a cost recovery basis for damage or loss.

  5. Damages to property shall be the responsibility of the contracting party - ie., persons booking a wedding on-site are responsible for the acts of their guests. Event insurance is the responsibility of the contracting party. Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro has liability insurance for normal use of the property as a lodging facility. Should there be loss/damages to property other than individual lodging rooms where guests have guaranteed by credit card their stay, the contracting party will be responsible for general loss/damages of the property, equipment, rental equipment, etc.

Typical Rental Fees* for Common Wedding Items


  • Tents (based on 100 persons)
  • ƒ 40’ x 60’ white wedding tent is $1,500.00 (Note: Green & white tents are less expensive than all-white tents)
  • ƒ Side walls – white sidewalls (included), window sidewalls (30’ sections are $40.00 each)


  • ƒBelfast Breeze Inn pergula – no charge
  • ƒRental pergula – $60.00


  • ƒ Dance floor – wood parquet flooring sections are 3’ x 3’ (determine size needed for your dance floor) – each section is $35.00. Example: 30 sections makes a 15’ x 18’ dance floor costing $1050.00
  • ƒ Stage sections are 4’ x 4’ (determine size needed for your band) – each section is $70.00, skirting is $2.00 per foot
  • ƒ Aisle Runner – 50’ - $180.00


  • ƒ Light strings (6 globe lights) are $100 each (minimum 2)
  • ƒ Dimmer is $60.00


  • 6’ Round table - $15.00 each (seats 10)
  • 8’ Long tables (for food, beverages, head table) - $13.00 each
  • 3’ Round Cake table - $12.00


  • White folding plastic chairs - $2.50 each

Place-settings (ivory china, stainless utensils, glasses) – paper/plastic may be

substituted at considerable less cost.

  • 10” Dinner plates with gold rim - $.75 each
  • 8” Salad plates/Dessert plate with gold rim - $.65 each
  • 6” Bread/Butter plate with gold rim - $.55 each
  • Stainless steel set of 5 pieces (dinner fork, knife, salad fork, dessert fork, and teaspoon) $3.00 per person
  • 15 ounce Water goblet - $.75 each
  • 12 ounce Wine glass - $.65 each
  • Fluted Champagne glass - $.65 each
  • Cup and saucer - $.85 each set

Table Linens

  • Round white tablecloth (for 6’ table) - $15.00 each
  • Rectangular white tablecloth (for 8’ table) - $22.00
  • Round white tablecloth (for 3’ table) - $10.00
  • Skirting $2.00 per foot (front and sides is 13’)
  • Chair covers – prices vary by color/style
  • Napkins - paper to match décor, cost is nominal based on design. Option to have linen table napkins at $1.00 per person.

Buffet Items

  • Chafing dishes - $35.00 each, extra pans $10.00 each
  • Sterno - $4.50 each
  • Steam table (3 unit, propane) - $130.00
  • Fish cooker (propane) - $35.00, stock pot $25.00
  • Fountain - $80.00, ladles - $3.50 each
  • Ice buckets - $10.00
  • Salt & Pepper (filled pair, one pair per table) - $3.50
  • Sugar & Creamer (one pair per table) - $4.50

Delivery, set-up, and other fees

  • Delivery and Pick-up - $150 each way from warehouse
  • Damage Waiver Charge by Rental Company – 8% of total rental cost
  • Deposit to reserve rental items – 50% of rental cost

Electronic Equipment Preparation – Actual (based on DJ, band, or other service provider)

  • Electrical Set-up by Licensed Electrician - $75.00 per hour
  • Porta-Potty – varies by vendor (can cost from $220 each- $350.00 set of 2)
  • Propane heater – varies by vendor - $160-200.00
  • Generator - $150-200.00
  • Helium Inflator (for balloons) – for 50 balloons $75.00, for 200-400 balloons up to $130.00
  • PA System - $200.00, wireless microphone $65.00

*Fees are based on local vendor for rental of wedding-related equipment/supplies and may vary by season or specific type/size/style selected by the wedding party. These fees are provided to assist you as an ESTIMATE of what your costs might be for an on-site wedding. An exact cost will be quoted in your contract

Cost to use the Belfast Breeze Inn equipment and supplies is as follows:

Tables/Chairs – there is no cost to use the following tables/chairs. A $20.00 per hour set-up fee will be assessed.

  • 4’ rectangular folding tables (2), wooden (3) – typically used for buffet or beverages
  • 6’ rectangular tables (2) – each seat 8 persons = 16
  • 60” square card tables (4) – each seat 4 persons = 16
  • Folding picnic tables (4) – each seat 6 persons = 24
  • Folding chairs (16)
  • Stacking chairs (12)
  • Small Round table (1) – cake table

Serving dishes, platters, trays – there is no cost to use our serving dishes and platters when we provide catering for your event. Should you wish to bring in a caterer or chef, we will charge a cleaning fee and assess for any loss or damages.

Table cloths (green woven) –
we have sufficient to cover the tables for seating but suggest using cloths that fit the color theme/design of the wedding.

Beverage Dispensers & Coffee makers –
we have large capacity coffee makers (2),

spouted beverage dispensers (4), coffee/hot beverage carafes (4), pitchers (9),

beer/soda tubs (2). There is no cost to use these when we provider catering for your

event. Should you wish to bring in a caterer or chef, we will charge a cleaning fee and

assess for any loss or damages.

Outside propane heaters (table top) (2)

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